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Q: Is the documentation included in a database backup?
A: Yes. The documentation is a part of the database, just like any other object in the database.

Q: Where is the documentation stored?
A: The documentation is stored in Extended Properties, and is a part of the database in the sys.sysxprops base table.

Q: If I delete a Description Field will the documentation also be deleted?
A: The documentation will not be deleted if a Description Field is deleted.

When creating a Description Field, a mapping is created between Database Description Tool and the corresponding descriptions in the database. When the Description Field is deleted from Database Description Tool, the mapping is removed, and the descriptions are still in the database. The mapping can be recreated by creating the Description Field again.

The Description Fields does not contain any object descriptions, and are only a functionality for mapping Database Description Tool to the descriptions in the database.

Q: How do I delete Descriptions?
A: Right click on an object and choose to delete the Descriptions:


Q: What is "Mark as Primary" on a Description Field?
A: When a Description Fields is marked as Primary, the object icon will indicate if there are any documentation for that Description Field on that object.

In this screenshot, "Internal Description" is marked as Primary, indicated by a green dot on the icon:


In the tree it is easy to see what objects that has a description in the "Internal Description" Description Field, again indicated by a green dot:


Q: What are the system requirements?
A: .NET Framework 3.5.

Compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - 2016.

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