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Free tool for Microsoft SQL Server database documentation

  • Import and Export documentation to Excel, XML or SQL, ready to be integrated in any source control system.
  • Supports Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, UDFs, Parameters, Columns, Keys, Constraints, Indexes and Triggers.
  • Choose individual objects to import and export.
  • Search in any combination of names, descriptions and objects.
  • Customizable Templates and unlimited number of description fields.

Compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - 2016.

Real documentation

Database Description Tool makes it possible to manually create documentation for database objects.

Unlike other documentation tools, Database Description Tool is not a tool for automatic documentation creation, e.g. it will not create reports that states that a table is a table, or a primary key is a primary key. The documentation created by Database Description Tool can be added to source control, and be distributed as if it was any other part of the database, like a Stored Procedure, and not just a Word document distributed alongside your database.


Main window with Object Explorer and DDL script

Descriptions are exportable in Excel, XML and SQL format

Individual objects can be imported and exported

Database Description Tool uses the standardized method of handling object descriptions

Custom Templates with parameters

SQL scripts for descriptions are immediately available to copy. Makes it easy to update source controlled documentation

Search in any combination of names, descriptions and objects

Additional information is available here:

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